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The story of Aivy

‘Aivy Productions’ is named after the German shepherd dog ‘Aivy’, who was Maarten’s favorite dog. The pupper was quite young when she died unexpectedly. She looked at the world with positive energy and great enthusiasm. The young K9 still had to learn everything but had a lot of fun figuring it all out. In addition, she got on well with everyone. These are the characteristics that you will find in the company.

Aivy is the inspiration for our core values: ‘honesty’, ‘loyalty’, ‘hard work’ and ‘having fun in what we do’. You can expect good communication with clear agreements.

How to tell a story

Life is full of stories. Are you getting married, or do you sell a brilliant product? There is a story in everything! There is no better way to tell yours, then trough the form of video (in my ‘unbiased’ opinion). From the first cup of coffee I can help you with honest advice, a creative mind full of idea’s and a realistic planning. Together we’ll create a video that will awe, inspire and amaze your audience. What can we do for you?

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What do people think?

Zeer tevreden over de mooie beelden voor WORonline. Maarten is functioneel en professioneel aanwezig op de achtergrond.
Maarten heeft gefilmd op onze bruiloft. Hij levert top werk en luistert heel goed naar jouw wensen.
Esther den Braber
Maarten denkt goed met de klant mee. De producties die Maarten oplevert zijn van goede/professionele kwaliteit.